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The Hook Me Up™ Wristlet

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Transform your phone case into a hands-free life hub. Made of jewelry quality hardware, the Wristlet can be swapped in and out with your Big O Key Ring for the dressier O-ccasions on your calendar. - Hands-Free - The Hook Me Up Wristlet has a swiveling clasp and adjustable chain bracelet for instant hands-free simplicity. - One-Size-Fits-All - It doesn’t matter what size or brand of phone case you have, The Hook Me Up PVC phone sticker is 2.25in x 2.25in so it can easily fit inside any phone case. - Jewelry-Inspired - The Hook Me Up Wristlet is a chic, hands-free solution for the dressier events on your calendar. The Wristlet measures 10in length, and can be adjusted to fit smaller wrists. - Durable - Sturdy, jewelry-quality hardware and a strong adhesive backing. - Charger-Friendly - Charge your phone with a wireless charging pad or plug-in charger at the same time. - Gift-Ready - Individually packaged with instructions.